Monday, January 31, 2011

January Birthday's

Whew! We had so many birthday's this month...Adam on the 10th, Bob's 40th Birthday on the 16th, Sophie on the 21st, Kesley on the 26th, Tyler and Emily on the 28th.

Happy Birthday Everyone!! We love you all!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Wow! I cannot believe another Christmas has come and gone already! We had a yummy breakfast at Jason and Melinda's house. Todd and family came too and it was so much fun to open presents with both families. Great memories!
We are so blessed to have children and grandchildren that we love and enjoy spending time with!

Candle Lighting 2010

Family, mexican Food and sharing our gratitude and our thoughts about how the "Light of Christ" has helped us throughout the past year was wonderful in every way in our traditional "Candle Lighting Ceremony."

We all love the bonding and sharing and love we feel on this special night. Can't wait for next year. It truly makes our Christmas meaningful when we keep 'Christ' in Christmas!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taryn's Football

I went to see Taryn's game on Saturday and could not believe the improvement in his game from last year. He is tough and made three great tackles in the game including the a great tackle on the quarterback! Way to go Taryn! You rock!

Laura and Piano

On Saturday we got to hear Laura and her piano class perform. What an improvement she is making in her piano playing.

Our Laura is really progressing so quickly in piano it is amazing. She loves it and it shows in the way she plays...through her whole body and out her fingers. We had a delightful time at her Halloween Piano Party. She played three songs and did a great job. We enjoyed our time with

Happy Birthday to the seniors...65 and counting!

We both have graduated into our Senior moments! did it happen so fast. I had a wonderful birthday in Park City with my sweetheart...Dan and enjoyed all the love, cards, Flowers and parties. We love our family and enjoy every minute we spend together!


Vacation time!

We had so much fun on our trip to Southern California!! Dan did so well that we almost forgot that her was still having trouble walking.

We loved San Deigo, driving along the coast and the great time we had in Disneyland with Jason, Melinda and the girls.

What a treat to see the magic kingdom through the eyes of Laura, Sara and Eliza. It was great having Laura turn 7 years old in the park. We had a great time!

We spent a whole day in San Diego. We had lunch at Anthony's Grotto, and then did some Christmas shopping on the pier.

What a joy it was to see the expression on Sara and Laura's face when the met with the princesses during lunch at Disneyland.

One is never too old to enjoy the day at Disneyland. Can't wait to go back.